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It’s important to contract painters that understand the painting conditions in Eglinton,WA. Not only are the substrates different in Eglinton,WA, but the building process and timing has implications for the preparation of set plaster walls next to the seaside.

At Painters Eglinton, We use durable, washable paints, with anti-fungal treatment to ensure your Eglinton home looks great for years to come.

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We check your Eglinton substrates for PH, Moisture & Coherence.

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Painters Eglinton

Painters Eglinton – Painter in Eglinton, WA

Painters Eglinton Professional Painter in Eglinton Quote Painter Eglinton,WA So where is Eglinton? Eglinton is an increasing populated suburb in the Western Australian capital city of Perth, located approximately 44 kilometres (27 mi) north of Perth’s central business district on the Indian Ocean. For the most part, the suburb is covered in native banksia woodland, scrubland and heath typical of the Swan Coastal Plain. Part of the City of Wanneroo local government area, it is bounded to the north by Yanchep, to the east by Carabooda and to the south by Alkimos. The area is part of the Alkimos-Eglinton region being considered by the State Government for a future urban region. Eglinton is now being developed with the Amberton estate from Stockland. A number of houses have been built with many more under construction. Part of the City of Wanneroo local government area, Eglinton is bounded to the north by Yanchep, to the east by Carabooda and to the south by Alkimos. The area is part of the Alkimos-Eglinton region being considered by the State Government for a future urban region. Painters Eglinton New houses are springing up Eglinton. We are currently painting in Amberton Estate, in new streets such as Jonquil rd, Eglinton and Apricot Rd, Eglinton. All these Eglinton homes are plastered with white set. Believe it or not, there is not regulation regarding the quality of plasterwork in yourEglinton property. We know this, so we take precautions by thoroughly testing your home plaster before painting commencement. We also ensure to use oil based sealer for you walls, to ensure maximum penetration for a deep anchor into the substrate. Cost... read more

Why get a professional painter Eglinton?


What feeling do you want to feel when you enter your home? You’ve spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for your Eglinton home. Now how will you finish it at the end?

It must be considered that there is a reason that painters must be licensed and required years of experience before achieving their qualifications. Our work starts before we paint. From the moment we enter the house, we as your professional  Eglinton painter consider numerous aspects such as:

  • Condition of the painting substrate – In all likelihood we’ll be painting on white set plaster walls. The appearance of the walls will affect the look of the paint finish. Testing is always required.
  • The extent of prepping required
  • The ventilation in the home
  • The accumulation and quantity of dust particles in the home

Testing set plaster walls prior to painting in Eglinton, WA

We ensure that we test the walls in your Eglinton house according to the Australian Standards, manufacturers specifications and the Building Commision of WA guidelines.

We test :

  • Moisture in the walls in Eglinton,WA – this can pre-empt ingress after painting
  • PH levels – this test tells us whether your house is suitable for paint to be applied in Eglinton
  • Scratch test – Tests the hardness of the plaster substrate before painting in Eglinton
  • Tape test – Tests the adhesive strength of the plaster in your Eglinton home
  • Once we are satisfied with the results we will continue then prep the walls
  • We also require the set plaster to be older than 16 weeks

Prepping walls for paint in Eglinton:

Upon satisfaction that the walls of your home are suitable for painting:

  • We brush down all walls of your  Eglinton home with a soft brush broom
  • We remove any major protrusions from the plaster before painting
  • We tape up the corners and areas which we need to protect from paint bleed
  • We seal the walls with a suitable sealer
  • We cut the edges in with a painting brush and sealer to avoid framing
  • We sand down areas that are imperfect to ensure the surface for paint is smooth
  • We re-seal the areas that are sanded
  • The walls are then inspected to ensure all areas are properly sealed

Painting walls in your Eglinton home – Painter Eglinton:

Once we have prepped the walls we commence painting after a suitable time:

  • With a roller we apply the colour paint of your choice professionally
  • Our paint roller technique and experience allow us to provide smooth layers [30 um approx thick]
  • We apply two paint layers over the sealed layer to provide a wet thickness of approx 90um
  • With each coat we ensure to cut the corners and edges with a paint brush
  • Wherever we overlap on the cornices  we immediately remove paint bleed marks
  • Once painting is completed, usually over a 5 day period, we remove tape and protective coverings

We recommend 30 days for paint curing to occur in your Eglinton home.

Please note that no matter how thorough the painting preparation is, set plaster walls in Eglinton, WA are not suited to adhesives such as bluetac, sticky tape or 3m tape. 3m adhesive claim to be suitable for all surfaces, however, white set plaster is manually mixed without any checks or balances, therefore adhesive strength varies greatly from room to room and house to house.




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